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All forces in the universe are electromagnetic in origin. They are differentiated only by their total energy content limited to multiples of c and interactions limited to multiples of h. Light= c; matter = c2, gravity defined as total energy content of the universe = c3 and the vacuum energy field = – C. These energy states have inertial mass and when interacting, conserve their inertial mass by exchanging energy and emitting the net excess. The net excess or “rate of exchange” produces the force in multiples of h. In other words, there is no separate “strong” or “weak” nuclear force. The nucleus of the atom is collapsed electromagnetic energy that cannot escape its event horizon.
All matter and energy are created not by chaotic random thermal collisions, but according to Huygens’s principle of wave interference under intense pressure at centers of stars, planets and black hole horizons. Crossing electromagnetic energy waves create superpositions of energy velocities of c6 to c8 when confined and under pressure at Planck’s dimension of 10-33 cm. At these velocities, electromagnetic energy collapses into point particles, defined by Bohr as electromagnetic cavity radiation. The vacuum density field of the Schwarzhield lattice is the negative background energy field that provides the material support or field of all atomic particle interactions.
The Schwarzschild vacuum solution shows that instead of a big bang, the universe started as a black hole of collapsed fused solid-state electromagnetic energy into a unitary two dimensional Schwarzschild black hole that precludes a singularity. The universe of today is the “lighting up” of the black hole universe as energy is increased producing flows of energy and matter in spiraling intersecting motion based on the lattice solutions of Schwarzschild. Around these lattice energy flows, new black holes collapse centrally producing space and light forming new spiraling galaxies.  The vacuum energyof the lattice is trans planckian and so it is undetectable.
The “frozen” negative lattice energy vibrates and oscillates sound waves as its torques under the pressure of positively flowing energy of light and matter. It is the angular momentum of energy that produces temporary inertial density within the lattice radiated field. The oscillations of the lattice produces the the signature harmonics of the vacuum field which has been momentarily torqued through angular momentum of crossing energy flows.  The lattice is formed from monopolar inflowing and out-flowing energy perpendicular to each other creating a singular arterial system of vibrating negative and positive energy spirals and flows. Borrowing a term from string theory, the lattice is a singular super string of oscillating monopolar lattice energy that pervades universe. However, instead of ten dimensions, there are only two dimensions forming a quadrupolar lattice with E8 lie manifolds produced under the torque of angular momentum superpositions of energy located on the vertices of the lattice.
This provides a new model for nuclear fusion. Atomic particles fuse through symmetry breaking under the immense energy superpositions of c6 to c8 which may be mathematically determined. The black hole model of the universe also provides that space and time are expanding exponentially at the speed of light from every point in the universe explaining many physical paradoxes observed in the present universe, including “non-local” interactions. Implicit also is the inevitable conclusion that organic life cycles are based on the speed of light evolving over time at the rate of Plank.
The three dimensional universe is formed from “flat” two dimensional atoms “spinning”  in different velocities and producing different frquencies around the vertices formed by the shwarzchild lattice in the vacuum. 
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