Old Jim Tucker Reports from Bilderberg: U.S. Economy Planned to Decline to the Status of a Third Word Country

Posted on April 26, 2011


The Bilderberg Group is composed of the world’s elite who meet once a year to determine global economic and social issues. Those seen at the annual meetings are Kissinger, Geithner U.S. treasury secretary, Queen Beatriz of the Netherlands and other luminaries and aristocrats. According to an old time reporter who has tracked the Bilderberg group of years, the discussion this year was tee planned decline of the US economy to the level of a “developing” country such as any nation I Africa.

This should not surprise anyone. The Globalists have long announced this as the plan for Globalization. Greenspan three years ago on a talk show state unequivocally at the US> worker and the working wage was being “subsidize by the rest of the world and would have to come down for “global fairness.” Interpretation: U.S. workers are paid too much and their wages a benefits including pensions and retirement will have to come down t med the third world wages.

Kiss goodbye the middle class”. Middle classes who are eduatedare too unruly for the globalist who want to control and dominate world politics, wars, and economies from some remote castle in the Alps.

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