Posted on January 9, 2011

My guilty pleasure is the “Housewives” reality programs. The series focuses on various communities and a group of “fabulous”, either wealthy or beautiful through gobs of plastic surgery, women. The series is great when it facilitates “conflict “or “cattiness” among the housewives, and comatose inducing when it attempts to show the wives as simple wholesome barb dolls whose, you got it, “children come first.” Geography determines the religion and politics of the women. Orange County are praise the lord Jesus followers, and new y your are fast talking, wise cracking out of the wilderness Jews. Orange county wives come from “Oklahoma” and “Arkansas” and New York come from the Bronx. Miami is the greatest with the Cuban Latin hooch flavor whose top madam is a Waspish wannabe Miamian.

Miami Marisol’s mother is a slow talking lisping Latina who reminds one of a huge owl woman perched on an oversized couch sipping wine and proposing “visions” of the future for everyone. Her opinions are instantaneous. “I am not a psychic” she says. “I am a witch.” As if that makes it all the better. MarisO’s to be husband turns greed and excuses himself. He must have swooned under the memory of his mama warring him against such black magic harridans, and now he is marrying into a family ruled by such sorceries.

“Born again” Christian depends on geography. Orange County housewives, the most decadent and shallow of the housewife women, are the “Christians who attend mega

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